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SBM-Formulation is a leading European toll formulation company providing an extended range of sophisticated technologies, including WG using fuidised bed or extrusion, EW, SE and water soluble sachets. SBM provides services to a wide range of crop protection companies including many of the majors.   SBM offers a full formulation and packing service through from early development stage. The main manufacturing and packaging plant is ISO 9001 is ISO 14001- certified.  SBM Formulation’s industrial facilities are located in Béziers, France, on a fully enclosed 17-hectare site within the Le Capiscol business park. Its 110 staff are fully qualified and trained in safety, health and environmental protection.  Backed by over 30 years’ experience, SBM offers its clients customized solutions and a full range of toll manufacturing services. Its offer covers the entire value chain, thanks to its R&D, manufacturing and packaging capacities: - Expertise in the development of crop protection formulations - Pilot laboratory for industrialization - Innovative formulation technologies: Fluid bed granulation, High-pressure extrusion, Granulation through continuous impregnation - Trace analysis (LC - MS / MS) - Large production capacity - Staff flexibility - Product storage