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With over 30 years of history in the Brazilian Agribusiness Market, Ourofino seeks to reimagine Brazilian agriculture, contributing to the development of the sector and of the country.


Its crop protection company Ourofino Agrociência has about 500 employees working at making products tailored for tropical agriculture.


Ourofino has one of the most modern plants in Latin America which counts on pilot factories, research centers and an incredibly big and well equipped Experimental Center where all of our formulations are tested. The Experimental Center is accredited by MAPA – Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply and helps Ourofino speed up its processes of studies.


Another one of our differentials is our regulatory team who, with great expertise, makes our regulatory processes more speedy and uncomplicated.


Ourofino Agrociência is a fast growing, modern and agile company with its eyes on quality and excellence.


  • Address:Av. Cel. Fernando Ferreira Leite, 1520, 15º andar Jardim Califórnia Ribeirão Preto SP Brazil
  • Website:www.ourofinoagro.com.br


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2021 Latin America Focus

2021 Latin America Focus


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