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NewLeaf Symbiotics was formed in 2013 to research, develop and commercialize products based on one of the most prevalent, beneficial bacteria found in nature: M-trophs (methylotrophic bacteria, broadly distributed throughout the natural world and improve access to several essential nutrients that all plants need to grow). NewLeaf Symbiotics has developed a bioinformatics platform – Prescriptive Biologics™ Knowledge Base - as a tool to support and develop its proprietary technology. The company also has filed a broad range of patents, and is actively developing new technologies related to M-trophs and other microbes.   Located on the Danforth Plant Science Center campus in St Louis, MO, NewLeaf Symbiotics has filed over 75 patents, has 15 products in its pipeline, and in 2017 introduced two products in  the U.S., Terrasym 401 for soybeans and Terrasym 402 for peanuts.



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