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DBN-CAU Seed Health Centre, jointly established by Da Bei Nong Group and China Agricultural University, is a professional institution which provides scientific and effective solutions for seed health problems. The center is mainly engaged in offering professional technical services, such as seed health testing, seed quality testing, seed storage safety testing, seed viability testing, and encapsulated seed quality testing, as well as provision of individualized service solutions based on seed health status.
This center has the first-class specialized talents, advanced detection technology and complete equipment. By collaborating with research institutions and professional companies around the world, the center can provide companies and growers with directional professional formulation research and development, seed quality testing, coating machinery refinement, as well as application technology and integrated service solutions, and help seed companies offer growers with high quality products and services to growers. DBN-CAU Seed Health Centre strives to become a world-class professional seed health service organization, and dedicated to serve global seed companies.



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2023 China Pesticide Industry Watch

2023 China Pesticide Industry Watch


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Publication Date:Feb. 15, 2023