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International Panaacea Ltd (IPL) is a leading company in the field of biological and bio-control solutions based on microorganisms. IPL has developed and commercialised the largest and most effective range of portfolio of over 50 products, offering solution for almost all crops, for most of their nutritional and protection requirement. Focused on research and technology, IPL has two R&D labs with world class infrastructure, scientists, microbiologist and agronomist. We have pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing plant where we produce our products in powder, liquid, granular and tablet formulation. We have a very stringent quality policy and our products are renowned for extremely high quality, high CFU, zero contamination, high stability and longer shelf life.   All these products have been tested in various field trials under different agro-climatic conditions in reputed agricultural universities and continuously re-validated. All our products are certified by INDOCERT and IMO Certification. Bio pesticides are registered with Central Insecticide board (CIB) and Bio fertilizer under Fertilizer control order (FCO). 

  • Address:E-34, 2nd Floor, Harsha Bhawan, Connaught Circus, New Delhi, India 110 001.
  • Website:www.iplbiotech.com


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2024 Biologicals Special


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