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Bioceres is a fully-integrated agricultural technology company with a strong leadership position in South America and access to global agricultural markets through its direct distribution channel and industry-leading partners. It works with global agricultural firms and researchers to create, develop, deregulate and commercialize technologies suited for its targeted high-growth markets in agricultural and agro-industrial biotechnology.  Its agricultural technologies and products are focused on enhancing yields for several core global crops, including wheat, soybean, corn and alfalfa. It integrates its proprietary trait technologies into proprietary, proven germplasms to provide a complete and effective agronomic solution for its customers.  In addition to crop genetics, Bioceres further applies its technology sourcing and product development capabilities to develop and integrate agricultural biological inputs to create the agronomic solutions the customers are seeking. Its EcoSeedPack products, which will provide customized seed treatments that complement its traits and germplasms, are an example of its platform’s potential. Bioceres is leveraging its capabilities to extend its reach into agro-industrial biotechnology opportunities, including the production of enzymes and fermentation solutions for the production of high-value compounds.  Bioceres' current grower-shareholders include the founding members of AAPRESID, an Argentine farmers’ organization known for its international leadership in the adoption of new agricultural technologies. Some of its shareholders also include large agricultural cooperatives and agro-industrial processors, and the leading members of AACREA, an organization representing some of the largest farm operations in the region. A number of its shareholders are key influencers in the agricultural technology market.



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2023 Latin America Focus

2023 Latin America Focus


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