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Agronomix Software, Inc., is a Canadian software development company, with corporate headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Agronomix Software is a 100% Canadian owned-company.

Our expertise includes combined staff experience of over 75 years in agronomic research, plant breeding, statistics, genetics, and software development. The president and founder of our company, Dr Dieter Mulitze, holds a PhD in quantitative genetics from the University of Saskatchewan.

We have been providing  turn-key (off-the-shelf) software solutions for plant breeders and agronomists since 1990. Our comprehensive software package for plant breeding and agronomy, AGROBASE Generation II®, is now used worldwide in over 40 countries. The software supports database management and analysis for annual and perennial field crops, hybrid crops, vegetable crops, horticultural crops and more. Our AGROBASE Tablet® application allows for efficient data transfer from an AGROBASE SQL database to a Windows® tablet, and then after data entry in the field or greenhouse, data upload in seconds over the internet back to the database. The over 100 on-line tutorials in the Learning Centre on our website help our users worldwide to effectively learn the software and maximize their ROI. Our regional training courses around the world (US, Canada, Australia, Germany, India, Uruguay) provide further opportunities for  training and software implementation.



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2023 Seed Treatment Special

2023 Seed Treatment Special


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Publication Date:Jun. 30, 2023