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Dow is a global solutions provider of inert and additive agrochemical ingredients for both adjuvants and pesticides with in-depth product performance expertise to meet specific needs of our customers by customized solutions and global supply capabilities.

• Focused on the Agrochemical market: Preservation, In-can Formulants, Tank-mix Adjuvants, Fertilizer Additives Nutrition, Agro Intermediates
• Primary product focus – Surfactants, Amines, Solvents, Chelants
• Our newly introduced POWERBLOX™ Products serve as the building blocks for formulation success
• DOW: wide range of additional products for agricultural markets – Rheology Modifies, Preservatives, Polyurethanes and Silicone.



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2022 Formulation & Adjuvant Technology

2022 Formulation & Adjuvant Technology


Language: English

Publication Date:May. 20, 2022