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The company was founded in 1955, Aquatrols is headquartered in Paulsboro, New Jersey.
For over fifty years, Aquatrols® has been the leading provider of surfactant and other technologies used to optimize soil-water-plant interactions.
Aquatrols® offers turf management products that enhance the effectiveness of turf management programs by minimizing water and other resource use.
University and independent researchers as well as growers worldwide have conducted research and demonstration with Aquatrols products.
We currently have a significant presence in the American, Canadian, and International markets. Each division plays a unique but collaborative role in advancing our ultimate goal of sustainable water use and global resource conservation.
We provide highly-effective solutions that address your unique challenges.
Aquatrols® has built a global reputation for innovation, reliability and value.



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2024 Formulation & Adjuvant Technology

2024 Formulation & Adjuvant Technology


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Publication Date:May. 31, 2024