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Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corporation (Kiwa) initiates the new biotechnology as the core and harmless agriculture as the theme. Its philosophy is "Healthy Farmland, Harmless Soil". Kiwa's development strategy is based on developing, producing and selling a series of microbial fertilizer products, dependent on the establishment of harmless agricultural production bases, initiation of harmless agricultural products trading network as the platform. Kiwa is dedicated to harmless agricultural development; solved the food safety issue and provided the solutions of soil treatment. The company adheres to the society responsibility of restoring farmland back to the original healthy condition, to eliminate pollution, renovate environment, back to nature and ensure human's health; contribute to China's agricultural safety, food safety, and healthy lifestyle. Its goal is to become "Leader in Harmless Agricultural Industry Chain".  KIWA-CAU R&D Center was set up together by KIWA Bio-tech Products Group Corporation and China Agriculture University in July 2006. Now it has 40 employees, with 70% of them holding master and PHD degree. Professor Qi Wang, doctorial tutor of College of Agriculture and Biotechnology in China Agriculture University, is the director of this center. According to the company’s development directions and orientations, R&D center is divided into administrative office, bio-fertilizer R&D department, bio-agriculture R&D department, bio-feed R&D department, bio animal drug R&D department, environmental bio preparation R&D department, fermentation department, information department, etc. R&D center regards microbiology and microecology as its theoretical guidance, setting foot in fermentation, discovering microbiological resources such as bacillus, trichoderma and photosynthetic bacteria, mainly developing agricultural biological and environmental biological preparations. Besides undertaking the responsibility of developing new products, R&D center is also in charge of related technology training, consulting and technical support.



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2021 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide

2021 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide


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Publication Date:Jan. 31, 2021