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Olmix Group is specialised in the development of biosourced technological solutions to support the ecological transition of breeding and cultivation methods. Its ambition is to reconcile the improvement of profitability for all agricultural stakeholders with the preservation of the environment through the use of nature-friendly inputs.

The solutions of the Olmix Plant Care Division target 3 key factors in crop production: development of soil fertility and strengthening of their resilience, improvement of the plants’ ability to get water and minerals and strengthening of the crops’ resistance to stress.

Olmix has a turnover of 155 M€ and employs 650 people throughout 36 subsidiaries in the world. The group has 14 industrial sites, including a biorefinery specialised in the processing of algae and 4 formulation plants for its Plant Care business, the latter with a total turnover of 36 M€.

  • Address:Olmix SA • ZA du Haut du Bois 56580 Bréhan • France
  • Website:www.olmix.com