Advanced BioNutrition Corp(ABN)United States United States

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Advanced BioNutrition Corp – Provider of advanced stabilization and delivery solutions
ABN is a technology provider that is focused on offering environmentally sustainable and science-based bioactive and microbial stabilization and delivery solutions to a variety of industries, spanning from human nutrition and health and human biologics to agriculture, food ingredients, and food safety.  ABN’s experienced team of scientists and engineers have a proven track record of innovation and commercialization of superior delivery solutions.

Meet ABN’s Team

- Management Team
William F. Kirk, Chairman of the Board
Frank DeGenarro, President and CEO
Dr. Mark Thompson, Vice President of Research and Development

- Marketing and Business Management
Bruce Artman, Director of Business Development
Dr. Thomas Fort, Director of Business Development
Dr. Thomas Woods, Director of Business Development

- Research and Development
Brian Carpenter, Project Manager
Erin Fischer, Research Associate
Dr. Moti Harel, Chief Scientific Officer
Majid Keshtmand, Scientist
Swathi Kotamraju, Scientist
Huyen Nguyen, Research Associate
Dr. James Reap, Senior Scientist
Trish Rice, Laboratory Manager/ Research Associate
Peter Schmalz, Director of Process Development

- Human Resources
April Pugh, Director of Human Resources

- Financial
Lissy Menachery, Controller