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It's 23andMe for soil health: using machine learning and genomics testing, Trace Genomics can ID microbes and other biological data in soil, helping farmers maximize yields

Our Vision

Privacy. Community. Science.

Plants don’t grow alone; they grow with the help of millions of microbes in the soil. At Trace Genomics, we’re committed to making information about these microbes easily accessible. Whether you’re a small scale grower of a few acres of an organic berry or a large grower of tens of thousands of acres of soybeans, we hope to make soil microbial testing as easy as NPK testing, and interpret this information for you to help inform some of your most critical planting decisions on genetics, rotation, and fertilizer.

Our Values

We believe that information about your land should be easily accessible by you, and only you. What your results mean is put in the context of soil health, which is being advanced as we work together as a community and learn from each other. Our reports are backed by science, extensively tested and validated. We are continuously expanding, improving, and validating new reports. Privacy is our top priority, and your data will always be kept completely confidential.