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CIMMYT is a non-profit research and training center headquartered in Mexico. (The abbreviation "CIMMYT" derives from the Spanish version of its name: Centro Internacional de Mejoramiento de Maíz y Trigo.)   CIMMYT works throughout the developing world to improve livelihoods and foster more productive, sustainable maize and wheat farming. Its portfolio targets critical challenges, including food insecurity and malnutrition, climate change and environmental degradation.  Through collaborative research, partnerships, and training, the center helps to build and strengthen a new generation of national agricultural research and extension services in maize- and wheat-growing nations. As a member of the CGIAR System composed of 15 agricultural research centers, CIMMYT leads the CGIAR Research Programs on Maize and Wheat, and the Excellence in Breeding Platform, which align and add value to the efforts of more than 500 partners.  Turning research into impact • By conservative estimates, this work provides between $3.5 and 4 billion in annual benefits to farmers. • CIMMYT alumni include a Nobel Peace Prize laureate and three World Food Prize winners. • CIMMYT’s success depends on the longstanding partnerships and trust of public agricultural research systems, private companies, advanced research institutes and academia, and non-governmental and farmer organizations. • More than 70 percent of the wheat grown in developing countries and more than 50 percent of improved maize varieties derive from CIMMYT breeding materials. • More than 10,000 scientists have trained at CIMMYT and many have gone on to become leaders in their own countries. The center empowers thousands of students, extension workers and farmers through courses, workshops and field days.  CIMMYT crop-breeding research begins with its Germplasm Bank, a remarkable living catalog of genetic diversity comprising over 28,000 unique seed collections of maize and over 150,000 of wheat. From its breeding programs, each year CIMMYT sends half a million seed packages to 600 partners in 100 countries. With researchers and farmers, the center also develops and promotes more productive and precise maize and wheat farming methods and tools that save money and resources such as soil, water, and fertilizer.

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