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The UBYFOL is a Brazilian multinational, with operations throughout Brazil and in the Mercosur countries, Central America, Europe and Africa. The company stands out as an absolute reference in Complementary Nutrition of Plants, for more than 30 years developing special products for the supply of macro and micronutrients for foliar application and treatment of seeds of all agricultural crops. It offers consecrated products and high response in increasing productivity proven by several producers.  The company uses proprietary proprietary technology for the manufacture of special fertilizers, which provides a high nutrient protection power, facilitating the preparation of the spray syrup and improving its stability, without the need for the addition of adhesive spreader. This technology ensures maximum absorption of nutrients, increasing plant metabolism and increasing photosynthetic capacity, resulting in de facto nutrition.   Throughout its history, UBYFOL was chosen the best company of Vegetable Nutrition of Brazil by several independent institutions. Investing daily in products of maximum technology and high concentration, UBYFOL counts on a well structured and qualified team, formed by agronomist engineers, consultants and technicians spread all over the country, to be really present in the Brazilian farmer's daily life.

  • Address:Arnaldo Afonso de Melo Street, 101. Industrial District II Uberaba - MG
  • Website:http://www.ubyfol.com/


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