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FERTIPLUS France manufactures and sells agro-nutritional products in France and overseas for several years using the last assets in vegetable nutrition.

Its close relationship with major producers and distributors in the marketplace enables it to provide a wide range of trusted products. Before going to market with its products, it spends significant time and resources on product testing and development to ensure only the highest standards are met.

Its products can be used on many types of crops - Citrus, Fruit Trees, Vineyards, Industrial Crops, truck farming, etc with a constant objective to implementing a policy of controlled fertilization. Effectively, before implementing a solution, the company factors in one's needs (ground and foliar analysis, environmental concerns, production) and comes up with a bespoke solution that manages your company's expectations for quality and output of the cultures.

Since its inception, the company's policy is to offer products that meet the expectations of modern agriculture. It provides custom solutions, based on a company's needs and factor in location, climate and culture while being environmentally conscious.



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2021 Biologicals Special

2021 Biologicals Special


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Publication Date:Jun. 30, 2021