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Azufrera y Fertilizantes Pallarès, AFEPASA, is a family-owned company that has more than 125 years of experience in the handling, packaging and marketing of sulphur in its different varieties, and especially in its applicability at the agricultural level as a fungicide, fertilizer and natural biostimulant, applicable both in conventional agricultural crops and in those for organic and biodynamic farming.

This extensive experience, as well as its firm commitment to investing in R & D & i initiatives, have made AFEPASA the largest sulphur producer in Europe and the second in the world, with an international presence on five continents.

Also noteworthy is the SULTECH technology, developed by AFEPASA, based on a microbiological sulphur, more easily assimilate by the Thiobacteria in the soil and which allows:

  • - Transform sulphur into assimilable forms.

  • - Faster correction of soil conditions.

  • - Generate exudates, which benefits soil microbiome.


  • Address:Av. Europa, 1-7 Polígono Industrial de Constantí 43120 Constantí, Spain


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2023 Biologicals Special

2023 Biologicals Special


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Publication Date:Jul. 31, 2023