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 Established in 2014 by bio-entrepreneurs Guillaume Wegria and Dr Juan Carlos Cabrera, Fyteko is a committed climate-smart company, focused on the development of advanced plant biostimulants. Fyteko produces safe, sustainable input solutions to increase and optimise crop yields worldwide, using signal bio molecules.

These new biomolecules can help not only protect crops against the effects of abiotic stress, such as drought, but increase yields, too. The unique technology synthesises signal molecules found within the plant itself, ‘priming’ it to respond more effectively when faced with external stress.

As well as solving previously intractable problems such as stress relief, Fyteko expects its planned range of ‘bio-based’ agrimolecules will not only help to improve the efficiency of existing agrochemical actives but also reduce farmers’ reliance on them: healthier crops have less need for intervention treatments. More efficient crop production and fewer pesticides, for a more sustainable agriculture, are the twin goals for European agtech start-up Fyteko.”
Website: www.fyteko.com
Email: contact@fyteko.comm
Tel: +32(0)2 372 04 09




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2021 Biologicals Special

2021 Biologicals Special


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Publication Date:Jun. 30, 2021