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Lavoro is a leading distributor of agricultural inputs in Latin America, currently operating in Brazil and Colombia. 
The company offers a comprehensive portfolio that meet farmers needs in their entire production cycle, including products (fertilizers, seeds, crop defensives, plant nutrition) and services (technical support, product application, grain storage, etc). The company also serves small distributors and agricultural companies in its markets. 
Lavoro has a unique value proposition to both clients and suppliers which has been designed to meet the new standards of modern distribution. Our strategy is based on 4 key differentiation pillars: Extensive Presence in most relevant markets in Latam, Solid Operation with strong financial position and risk management capabilities, Commitment to our clients and partners and Innovative approach to distribution including technology and digital platforms. 
Our company strongly believes in the agriculture potential in Lating America and is totally committed to support its growth and modernization.



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2023 Latin America Focus

2023 Latin America Focus


Language: English

Publication Date:Aug. 31, 2023