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As a service provider and consultant in regulatory affairs, Staphyt operates internationally in the agroscience, biocide, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Thanks to the combination of expertise, Staphyt supports its clients at each stage of their product’s life by providing them with innovative solutions in order to secure their development.

Staphyt’s services are:

    - Field trials services: Quality driven, Staphyt provides customised services for agricultural research.

    - Laboratory Services: Test, screen and evaluate efficiently all substances and products, thanks to a deep expertise and state of the art equipment.

    - Regulatory affairs & Consultancy: Working together with our clients to define their regulatory strategy and successfully bring their products to market.

Staphyt’s communities of scientists, agronomists and regulatory experts guide companies through the registration and marketing of their products, substances and varieties.

Alongside its clients, Staphyt contributes to the marketing of innovative and environmentally friendly products.

Our “raison d’être”: Acting together to sustainably feed the world of tomorrow