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BR.A Defensívos Agrícolas is a 100% national company that operates in the sectors of agricultural pesticides and plant nutrition. It started its activities in 2004 and today it is based in Piracicaba, in the interior of São Paulo.  Its products are marketed throughout the national territory through a wide network of strategic partners. The focus is to generate innovative solutions for the development of Brazilian agribusiness.  To develop the best products, it has international partners and a highly specialized team. Thus, it offers products and services that help customers optimize pest control, protect their investments and multiply the profits of those who work in the field.  BRA Agroquímica constantly invests in the development of new products and records to expand its portfolio and offer the best cost-benefit to its clients.



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2022 Latin America Focus

2022 Latin America Focus


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Publication Date:Jul. 31, 2022