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SePRO is a research-based life sciences company providing innovative products and services for specialty environmental and human health markets worldwide.

SePRO Corporation is dedicated to discovering and developing sustainable solutions for specialty markets.  Founded in 1994, its mission is to provide plant protection and plant management products and services that fit specialized market needs. The company acquires, develops, manufactures, and markets value-added products and services that satisfy the unique needs of its customers. In addition, SePRO has partnered with several of the top agriculture companies to develop technologies for use in its key markets.

SePRO has won industry recognition as the preeminent leader in the aquatics industry and as a vital player in professional turf, horticulture and landscape markets. Now, the company is starting to enter specialized markets in the life sciences. Most recently, SePRO has ventured into the pharmaceutical area by forming ParaPRO, LLC.  ParaPRO launched its first FDA-approved prescription medication for head lice.

With solid relations already forged with some of the world’s leading product innovators will lead toward still more varied horizons. Wherever traditional or bio-rational chemistry can meet a small but vital need, SePRO will be looking to deliver the solution in an ultimately effective and economically viable way.