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Jiangsu Agrochem Laboratory Co., Ltd. (JSAL) was established in Sep. 2011. Since the establishment, JSAL operated strictly compliance with OECD GLP principles and GLP regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China (MARA). 
Since 2014, JSAL has successfully passed the on-site audit of the OECD GLP Inspector for three consecutive times, and was recognized as the first batch of "Pesticide Registration Test Unit" by MARA in 2018.

NMR Spectrometer, HPLC-MS, GC-MS, HPLC, pre-HPLC, GC, TGA/DSC, Infrared spectrometer, Ultraviolet spectrophotometer, Photostability test chamber, Photo-transformation system, Hydrolysis system, Karl-Fisher titrator, Melting point system, Flash point meter and Surface tension meter, etc. .

1. OECD GLP Registration Study: Five batches analysis and Physico-chemical test.
2. "Pesticide Registration Test Unit" component analysis: Five batches analysis, Physico-chemical test, and product quality/storage stability test.
3. Standards: Impurity and Active Ingredient Standards.

More than 400 GLP Five batches analysis and physico-chemical test reports have been completed for the worldwide registration: China, FAO, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Ukraine, Serbia, South Africa, United Kingdom, Netherlands and so on, none of the registration materials have been complained about due to quality issues of the GLP report.
In hot markets, Brazil has experience in cooperating with multinational companies for rapid registration, and JSAL also has the experience to assist Pesticide Manufacturer in the EU equivalence assessment and FAO/CIPAC standard establishment.




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2022 CRO & CRAO Manual

2022 CRO & CRAO Manual


Language: English

Publication Date:Jun. 15, 2022