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Idai Nature is a biotechnology company specialized in the development and manufacture of products based on microorganisms and novel botanical extracts with a biofungicidal, biobactericidal and / or bioinsecticidal nature.

Idai Nature is one of the most advanced companies both in research and in the application of new technologies in the field of biocontrol. R   D   i is the secret formula of the company, our DNA, it is what has allowed us to differentiate ourselves and grow exponentially.

In fact, our name - Idai - is an acronym in Spanish for "Investigaciones y Desarrollos Agrícolas Innovadores".


  • Address:C/ Moscú, 10, Pol. Ind. Mas de Tous 46185 La Pobla de Vallbona, Valencia (España)


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2023 Biologicals Special

2023 Biologicals Special


Language: English

Publication Date:Jul. 31, 2023