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We are a professional pesticide surfactant supplier !
We provide a complete range of additives for all formulation type , such as despersant of phosphate,sulphate,polycarboxylates  for SC、WDG formulation; emulsifier for EC、OD formulation ; adjuvant for glyphosate ,glufosinate,paraqua SL formulation ; and other Ethoxylated derivative chemicals  such as Ethoxylated Isodecyl alcohol ,Ethoxylated Castor Oils,Elthoxylated Nonylphenol,Ethoxylated polyarylphenol,Tallow Amine Ethoxylate,etc.
We also provide formulation development services,followings are some of our hot sale production:
25%pyraclostrobin SC , 430g/Ltebuconazole SC , 48%prothioconazole SC , 720g/L chlorothalonil SC , 41% glyphosate + 6% glufosinate SL,chlorpyrifos 480g/L  EC , imidacloprid 70% WDG ,etc.