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CropTrials GmbH is an independent private company for agricultural field research since 1990.

CropTrials GmbH provides studies to evaluate the efficacy and the crop safety of pesticides. Furthermore, it offers residue studies, soil dissipation and accumulation studies, rotational crop studies as well as DFR studies. The studies are carried out in North and South Europe in the Maritime and Mediterranean zone according to EPPO PP 1/241 (1).

Therefore the study results could be used for European pesticide registration in the Central and Southern zone. CropTrials GmbH collaborates with different CROs and covers the northern and the southern region of Europe to carry out European-wide studies.  

CropTrials GmbH is experienced in trials in all agricultural and horticultural crops, in orchards and grape vines and offers the whole project management from planning trials to the preparation of the biological assessment dossier. The test facility is certified according to GLP und GEP (93/71/EEC).

The main office in Northern Germany is located in Burgwedel, close to Hannover. The field station in South Germany is in Neidenstein, close to Heidelberg.



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2023 CRO & CRAO Manual

2023 CRO & CRAO Manual


Language: English

Publication Date:May. 15, 2023