REACH24H Consulting Group is an internationally renowned technological services company with headquarter in Hangzhou, China and branches in UK, Ireland, the United States, Korea and Taiwan. By creating a 24-hour global consulting service network and a technical expert team, REACH24H provides one-stop international market entrance services, and has helped nearly 9,000 companies worldwide overcome technical trade barriers to smoothly navigate the global market. 

Our Services:

EU Pesticide/Biocide/Bio-stimulants Registration

US Pesticide /Disinfectant/Inert Ingredient/ Device Registration

China Pesticide/ Fertilizer/ Bio-stimulants Registration

Korea Pesticide/Biocide Registration

Global Pesticide Registration Consulting Service

Marketing and Regulatory Compliance Analysis Report

In Silico Prediction (QSAR, read-across, structural alert analysis, metabolite prediction, quantitative limits for control of impurities, molecular docking for endocrine disruptors)

Risk Assessment Report

Test Arrangement and Supervision

Training Course of Pesticide Registration

Main markets:

Europe, USA, China, and Korea

  • Address:14th Floor | 3 Building | Haichuang Technology Center | 1288 West Wen Yi Road | Hangzhou | China