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Eden Research plc is an AIM listed public company with intellectual property and expertise in encapsulation, terpenes and environmentally friendly technologies. We are developing these technologies through innovative research and a series of appropriate commercial production, marketing and distribution partnerships.

Based near Oxford in the UK, we are developing natural solutions to agricultural, medical and industrial problems, with our primary focus being the innovative use of terpenes to create an exciting array of low-risk agricultural chemicals.

Eden's products take advantage of the biocidal efficacy of naturally occurring chemicals produced by plant defence mechanisms and, in particular, the antimicrobial properties of terpenes. Terpenes are naturally occurring, low-toxicity botanical substances produced by most plants as part of their defence mechanisms.

The initial Eden approach has involved the use of GRAS substances, that is, compounds 'Generally Regarded As being Safe' for human consumption or application to food crops.

  • Address:14 The Old Forge The Audley End Business Centre London Road Wendens Ambo Essex CB11 4JL
  • Website:www.edenresearch.com


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2024 Biologicals Special


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