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- The biggest Mancozeb manufacturer in China. - China Well-known Trademark, National High-Tech Enterprise. - Chinese Agrochemical Industry Association Routine Director Unit. - A draft unit of GB and HB for emission quantity control of wastewater and multiple products. - Pass through ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 - Sales network includes China total and more than 70 countries and regions. - Core technology:          1) a national R&D center;         2) A Post-doctoral Mobile Station relying on Nanjing Tech University;          3)A provincial-scale technical center. - Technical aid:          1) Hunan Chemical Industry Research Institute;          2) Shenyang Chemical Industry Research Institute;          3) Southeast University;         4) Nanjing Tech University. - Wholly-owned subsidiary: Limin chemical Co., Ltd Nanjing Branch - Holding subsidiary: Link Forward Company Ltd. - Shareholding subsidiary:          1) Jiangsu Xinhe Agriculture Co., Ltd.          2) Jiangsu Xinyi Taihe Chemical Co., Ltd.

  • Address:Economic Development Zone, Xinyi, Jiangsu, 221400, China


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PD20210953 Pyraclostrobin+Propineb唑醚·丙森锌 WG水分散粒剂 59% Fungicide杀菌剂
PD20200914 Pyraclostrobin吡唑醚菌酯 WG水分散粒剂 50% Fungicide杀菌剂
PD20200430 Difenoconazole+Trifloxystrobin苯甲·肟菌酯 WG水分散粒剂 40% Fungicide杀菌剂
PD20200361 Captan克菌丹 WP可湿性粉剂 50% Fungicide杀菌剂
PD20200382 Captan克菌丹 WG水分散粒剂 80% Fungicide杀菌剂
PD20200207 Pyraclostrobin+Cymoxanil唑醚·霜脲氰 WG水分散粒剂 56% Fungicide杀菌剂
PD20200132 Cymoxanil+Cyazofamid霜脲·氰霜唑 WG水分散粒剂 40% Fungicide杀菌剂
PD20190140 Famoxadone+Pyraclostrobin噁酮·吡唑酯 SC悬浮剂 40% Fungicide杀菌剂
PD20183118 Pyraclostrobin+metiram唑醚·代森联 WG水分散粒剂 60% Fungicide杀菌剂
PD20180857 Metam-sodium威百亩 AS水剂 42% Nemacides杀线虫剂
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2021 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide

2021 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide


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