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Agro Life Science Corporation (ALSC), a member company of KREPL has set its prominent position in agrochemical segment in last 10 years in India and globally. With advanced formulation facilities at seven strategic locations in India it is speeding up its reach across continents.
On 3rd Sep this year the company has commissioned a state of art Technical & Intermediates plant on 10 acres of land at Panoli with an annual manufacturing capacity of 12930 MT. This is a ZLD (zero liquid discharge) plant. Products for an immediate begin are Metribuzin, Metalaxyl, Clodinafop, Tricyclazole, Profenophos, Tebuconazole, Bispyribac sodium, Thiamethoxam, Cloquintocet. More will be in line soon.
Not far from this site two more Technical manufacturing plants are coming up at Sayka and Dahej in coming 2 years.
The company is poising for a new horizon in world of agricultural chemistry and practices.

  • Address:11th Floor. Modi Tower. Nehru Place. New Delhi 110019


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Sulfosulfuron TC Herbicides 9(4) Cases 2021-03-15
Penoxsulam TC Herbicides 9(4) Cases 2021-03-15
Pretilachlor TC Herbicides 9(4) Cases 2021-03-15
Fipronil TC Insecticides 9(4) Cases 2021-03-15
Deltamethrin TC Insecticides 9(4) Cases 2021-03-15

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