Wynca is the largest manufacturer of Glyphosate, Quinclorac, Diuron and Carbendazim in China.  Through strategic cooperation with international logistic groups, Wynca supplies quality products and services to agrochemical formulators and distributors around the world.  As a model company for China’s environmentally-conscious recycling economy, Wynca has been stressing the importance of social responsibility. With state-level Research and Development Centre and world-class Agrochemical Formulation Processing Centre, Wynca also provides strong crop protection for high-yield harvest.

  • Address:Xinanjiang, Jiande, Zhejiang, China,311600
  • Website:www.wynca.com


Certification No 登记证号

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EX20220025 Glyphosate-monoammonium草甘膦铵盐 SG可溶粒剂 71% Herbicide除草剂
EX20210142 Bispyribac-sodium双草醚 SC悬浮剂 400g/L Herbicide除草剂
EX20210075 2,4-D-dimethylammonium2,4-滴二甲胺盐 SL可溶液剂 400g/L Herbicide除草剂
EX20210050 Imidacloprid吡虫啉 SC悬浮剂 240g/L Insecticide杀虫剂
EX20210076 Quinclorac二氯喹啉酸 SC悬浮剂 350g/L Herbicide除草剂
EX20210069 Glufosinate-ammonium草铵膦 SL可溶液剂 150g/L Herbicide除草剂
EX20210036 Thiamethoxam噻虫嗪 WG水分散粒剂 75% Insecticide杀虫剂
EX20210001 Glyphosate-monoammonium草甘膦铵盐 SG可溶粒剂 45.4% Herbicide除草剂
EX20210063 Glufosinate-ammonium草铵膦 SL可溶液剂 280g/L Herbicide除草剂
EX20210074 Glyphosate-dimethylammonium草甘膦二甲胺盐 SL可溶液剂 40% Herbicide除草剂
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2022 China Pesticide Industry Watch

2022 China Pesticide Industry Watch


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