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The Rs 800-crore Crystal Crop Protection is a 34-year-old group engaged in the manufacturing, formulation, and local and global marketing of agrochemical products – Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Plant Growth Regulators/Micro Nutrients. Working relentlessly with farmers in order to contribute to sustainable agriculture in the country, Crystal has evolved as a market leader in the thriving agro-chemical industry of India. Present across the length and breadth of the country through its products and facilities, the Crystal Group is poised to become a leader in the agri inputs business, focusing on eco-friendly solutions that prevent crop loss and protect the environment.

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Product Name 登记名称

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Product Name
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Tetraconazole WG Fungicides 9 (3) Cases 2021-08-04
Metiram WG Fungicides 9 (3) Cases 2021-08-04
Pymetrozine TC Insecticides 9 (3) Cases 2021-08-04
Bispyribac-sodium TC Herbicides 9 (3) Cases 2021-08-04
Tetraconazole TC Fungicides 9 (3) Cases 2021-08-04

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2023 India Focus


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