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Sumitomo Chemical Group, including over 100 subsidiaries and affiliates, operates businessses in five sectors - basic chemcials, petrochemicals, IT-related chemcials, health & crop sciences, and pharmaceuticals - and provides products worldwide that support a wide variety of industries and help epople's daily lives.

For crop protection products, they handle insecticides that are effective on a range of insects that cause damage to crops, trees, and pasture plants; herbicides for a variety of crops, including rice and soybeans; and fungicides to help prevent plant diseases and soil-borne infections. In order to respond to diverse needs with the spread of environmentally friendly agriculture, they supply a wide spectrum of products, including biological pesticides.



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WP20180183 防蚊网 防蚊网 10% Sanitary Insecticide卫生杀虫剂
WP20080014 Dimefluthrin四氟甲醚菊酯 TC原药 95% Sanitary Insecticide卫生杀虫剂
WP20130205 Metofluthrin甲氧苄氟菊酯 TC原药 92.6% Sanitary Insecticide卫生杀虫剂
WP54-98 Permethrin氯菊酯 TC原药 90% Sanitary Insecticide卫生杀虫剂
WP55-98 D-allethrin右旋烯丙菊酯 TC原药 90% Sanitary Insecticide卫生杀虫剂
WP56-98 Prallethrin炔丙菊酯 TC原药 90% Sanitary Insecticide卫生杀虫剂
WP58-98 Pyriproxyfen吡丙醚 TC原药 95% Sanitary Insecticide卫生杀虫剂
WP59-98 Tetramethrin胺菊酯 TC原药 92% Sanitary Insecticide卫生杀虫剂
WP60-98 Empenthrin右旋烯炔菊酯 TC原药 93% Sanitary Insecticide卫生杀虫剂
WP57-98 D-phenothrin右旋苯醚菊酯 TC原药 92% Sanitary Insecticide卫生杀虫剂
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2022 Biologicals Special

2022 Biologicals Special


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