2017 Biopesticide Supplement

2017 Biopesticide Supplement

Language: English

Publication Date:Oct. 10, 2017

Focus of this issue

  • Interview
  • Viewpoint
  • Brand
  • Company Directory


  • Russell IPM: Reliable Partner in the Pheromone Field

  • SCC: Comprehensive Regulatory Service Provider for Agrochemicals and Biopesticides

  • How is the Marriage Between Biologicals and Chemicals Really Going?

Articles Index

  • Oro Agri: To Best Use the New MoA is the Success Factor for Biopesticide

  • Biocontrol in Brazil: Opportunities and Challenges

  • Novel Biopesticide Solutions for Seed Treatment in India

  • Innovation Applied to Agriculture

  • Beneficial Nematode for Biocontrol of Pests

  • Automated Pest Monitoring + Biocontrols - A Winning Combination?

  • Biologicals Registration - An Overview Tour

  • Top 10 Global Leading Biopesticide & Biocontrol Brands in 2017


Dr Shakir Al Zaidi

Dr Shakir Al Zaidi Follow

Managing Director

Russell IPM

Lars Huber

Lars Huber Follow

Senior Manager Regulatory Affairs, Head of Biorationals, Fertiliser, IPM

Scientific Consulting Company (SCC)

Senior Manager Regulatory Affairs, Head of Biorationals, Fertiliser, IPM at Scientific Consulting Co...

Carol Pullen

Carol Pullen Follow

General Manager Europe


美国生物农药公司Oro Agri Europe总经理

Torsten Hauck

Torsten Hauck Follow

head of Agrochemicals

Knoell Germany GmbH

Managing Director Agrochemicals, Dr. Knoell Consult GmbH. thauck@knoell.com

Matej Stefancic

Matej Stefancic Follow


EFOS d.o.o.

CEO of Trapview

Dr Minshad A Ansari

Dr Minshad A Ansari Follow

Founder and CEO

Bionema Limited

Dr Minshad A Ansari is founder and Managing Director of Bionema Ltd and has more than 20 years of ex...

Kartik Laijawala

Kartik Laijawala Follow

Business Development

Nico Orgo Manures

Business Development Director of Nico Orgo Markting P.Ltd.

Pedro Faria Jr.

Pedro Faria Jr. Follow



Agronomist, graduated in 1981 at ESALQ-USP, Brazil. 27 years of field experience with biological con...

Jan Mostert

Jan Mostert Follow

Head of Biorationals Innovation Team

Certis Europe

Jan Mostert is Portfolio Lead of Biorationals and Horticulture in Certis Europe.

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Ankur Aggarwal

Ankur Aggarwal

Managing Director

Crystal Crop Protection Limited


Sebastian Gentile

Sebastian Gentile

Country Manager of Rotam Argentina

Rotam de Argentina Agroquimica SRL


Wojciech Babski

Wojciech Babski

President of the Board

CIECH Sarzyna S.A.


Norberto Arias

Norberto Arias


Agrochem Consultores S.R.L.

Norberto Arias has worked in the agricultural inputs sector for more than 30 years, holding manageri...


Cody Kendrick

Cody Kendrick

Sr. Product Manager, Regulatory Affairs

LANDIS International, Inc.


Mickey Shan

Mickey Shan



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