Chinese issue of Annual Review 2018

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Chinese issue of Annual Review 2018

Language: Chinese

Publication Date:Feb. 28, 2019

Focus of this issue

  • 封面故事
    Cover Story
  • 盘点与分析
    Year In Review
  • 见解
  • 访谈


  • Nouryon(诺力昂)开启公司悠久历史发展新篇章
    Hello, again: Nouryon Opens New Chapter in Company’s Long History

  • 2018农化行业“新群像”解读及未来趋势分析
    A Close Look at the New Group Portrait of the Agrochemical Industry in 2018 and Trend Analysis for the Industry

Articles Index

  • 2018年全球农药产品热点事件年度回顾
    Annual Review and Analysis of Global Pesticides Hot Events in 2018

  • 初创公司引领未来农业的创新发展 - 备受资本青睐的农业技术行业初显规模化
    Startups Lead the Innovations in Agriculture - The Capital-favored Agtech Sector is Scaling Up

  • 2018年全球转基因观察
    2018 Overview of Global GMO Development

  • 全球农药供求新生态 - 对话中印生产企业和全球采购商
    New Ecology of Global Pesticide Supply & Demand Market - Dialogue with Chinese / Indian Suppliers and Global Buyers

  • 中美贸易战局势不明朗致全球大豆行业陷集体焦虑
    Uncertainties in Sino-US Trade War Cause Anxiety among Global Soybean Industry

  • 创新助剂技术及制剂创新举措之见解
    Insight into Innovative Adjuvant Technologies and Initiatives on the Formulation Technology Innovation

  • JRF:生物农药登记概述及哺乳动物毒理学数据要求详解
    Towards Greener Agrochemicals: Overview of Biopesticides Registration & Mammalian Toxicology

  • 波兰阿道姆:以创新技术为支撑 引领全球高端中微量元素市场
    ADOB: Based on Innovative Technologies, Leading the Global High-end Micro-elements Market

  • 聚焦产能优势 锁定高端新品 - 中山化工走出战略节奏
    Zhongshan Chemical: Leading the Industry by Releasing Massive Production Capacity of both Competitive and High-end New Products

  • AgroSpheresh 致力于在作物保护的各个领域推进其生物粒子传输平台
    Agrospheres Commits to Advancing the Bioparticle Delivery Platform in A Variety of Areas in Crop Protection

  • BRF:致力于成为客户实现高效海外登记的基石
    BRF: Committed to Being the Cornerstone for Customers to Achieve Efficient Registration


Chinese issue of Annual Review 2018

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