2019 Formulation & Adjuvant Technology

2019 Formulation & Adjuvant Technology

Language: English

Publication Date:May. 20, 2019

Focus of this issue

  • Cover Story
  • Interview
  • Insight
  • Technology and Product
  • Company Directory


  • Nouryon: Formulation of Agrochemicals in High Electrolyte Systems

  • Future requirements, challenges and core competences in formulation innovation and development

  • Bayer, Corteva Agriscience and ADAMA: Insight into the Innovation and development of Formulation and application Technology

Articles Index

  • BIS Research: UAV delivery systems and UAV application of Formulation & adjuvant technologies

  • TERI-Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre:Nanotechnology-based agrochemicals as“Nanonutrifights” and its application practices

  • iFormulate: The Challenges of Biopesticide Formulation

  • Stepan: Next Generation Compatibility Agent for Today”s ComplexTank Mix Systems

  • Dow: High performance oil dispersion adjuvant development

  • Evonik: Sustainable Surfactants for Crop Protection Solutions

  • Huntsman:Solvents as Solutions for Formulations

  • Agrovista steps up marketing of spray application aids into Europe

  • Tradecorp’s ADJUSTAR adjuvants range to revolutionize the adjuvant market

  • The Application and Development of Pesticide Precision in Japan

  • Growth opportunities using Vive Crop Protection”s Allosperse Technology


Grace Yuan

Grace Yuan Follow

Global Marketing Director


Grace Yuan, Global Marketing Director, Senior Editor of AgroPages,. Email: grace@agropages.com; Wech...

Shawn Zhu

Shawn Zhu Follow

Principle Scientist at Nouryon in the USA


Ralph Franklin

Ralph Franklin Follow

Section Manager at Nouryon in the USA


Andrew R. Boracci

Andrew R. Boracci Follow

Chemist at Nouryon in the USA


Ferry Hermawanto

Ferry Hermawanto Follow

Section Manager at Nouryon in Asia


Roy Chen

Roy Chen Follow

Agrochemical/Biopesticides Formulation Consultant


Dr. Bernhard Grimmig

Dr. Bernhard Grimmig Follow

Global Head of Formulation Technology

Bayer CropScience AG

Melissa Merlau Johnson, PhD

Melissa Merlau Johnson, PhD Follow

Formulation Science & Technology Leader, Corteva Agriscience

Corteva Agriscience

Yoav Avidor

Yoav Avidor Follow

VP, Product Development, Research, Regulatory Affairs and Innovation, at ADAMA Ltd.

ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Ltd

Rakhi Tanwar

Rakhi Tanwar Follow

Principal Analyst at BIS Research

BIS Research ( Business Intelligence and Strategy Research)

Senior Research Analyst, BIS Research

Alok Adholeya

Alok Adholeya Follow

Ph D , Director, TERI- Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre

TERI-Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre

Pawan Kaur

Pawan Kaur Follow

PhD; Associate Fellow Nanoformulation development, nanobased delivery system, Teri-Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre

TERI-Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre

Rita Choudhary

Rita Choudhary Follow

PhD; Research Associate Seed Coating, microencapsulation, nanobased delivery system, Teri-Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre

TERI-Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre

Dr Jim Bullock

Dr Jim Bullock Follow

总经理 & 联合创始人

iFormulate Ltd

Julia Sheehan

Julia Sheehan Follow

Product Development Chemist at Stepan Company

Stepan Company

Jacob Bell

Jacob Bell Follow

Product Development Functional Chemist at Stepan Company

Stepan Company

Evan Ren

Evan Ren Follow

Dow Inc., Formulation Science, Core R&D, APAC

Dow│ The Materials Science Company

Wei Lu PhD

Wei Lu PhD Follow

Technical Service & Development

Dow Chemical (China) Investment Company Limited

Dow Chemical (China) Investment Co. Ltd, Industrial Solution

Daniela Kruse

Daniela Kruse Follow

Director New Markets, Interface & Performance at Evonik

Evonik Industries AG

Todd O’Connell

Todd O’Connell Follow

Technology Manager

Huntsman Corporation

Todd O'Connell has over 30 years of experience in the areas of synthesis, formulation and analytical...

Peter McDonald

Peter McDonald Follow

Head of Commercial Strategy & Discovery Europe.

Agrovista UK Limited

Shoichi Yuki

Shoichi Yuki Follow

Head of Planning Development Sector at Yamabiko Corporation


Jordan Dinglasan

Jordan Dinglasan Follow

VP Product Development at Vive Crop Protection

Vive Crop Protection

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