Chinese issue of Annual Review 2019

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Chinese issue of Annual Review 2019

Language: Chinese

Publication Date:Feb. 20, 2020

Focus of this issue

  • Cover Story
  • Year In Review
  • Insight
  • Focus on China


  • BASF: New Strategy Creates New Engine of Growth

  • Interpretation of Global Agricultural Market Environment and Analysis of Corporate Strategies for 2019

  • New Thinking in the Context of Changing Distribution Channels in European Agrochemical Market

  • Northwest China: New Destination for China”s Pesticide Industry Shift

Articles Index

  • 2019 Overview of Global Registered or Launched Pesticides and Analysis of Key Varieties

  • Biopesticides: Industry Merging with Opportunities, Market Growing through Challenges

  • Bio-herbicides: Global Development Status and Product Inventory

  • Overview of Global SNF Development, Mainstream Products

  • 2019 Overview of Global GMO Development

  • Eastern European, USA and Brazilian Companies: Insights into Dynamics of Agchem Formulation Development

  • Soil Amendment Technologies and Future Trends for R&D

  • BASF: The 4R”s Has Been A Good Start but Embracing Stabilized Nitrogen Fertilizers Is the Next Big Step Change

  • Agrochemical Industry in China: From Self-reliance to Export to Discovery & Development

  • Rice Farmers Seek Development while Focusing on Refined Planting Management


Dr. Markus Schmid

Dr. Markus Schmid Follow

Head of business mgmt, N-management of BASF

BASF Fertilizer

After earning his PhD in chemistry, Markus Schmid joined BASF as a Lab Team Leader in Polymer Resear...

Bursevich Veranika

Bursevich Veranika Follow


Peters & Burg Ltd.

Pam Marrone

Pam Marrone Follow

Founder and CEO

Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc.(MBI)

Pam Marrone is CEO of Marrone Bio Innovations, a company she founded in 2006 to find natural product...

Wang Xiang

Wang Xiang Follow

Sr. Operation Director for the Business Management of BASF Greater China

BASF (China) Co.,Ltd

Sumit Tivari

Sumit Tivari Follow

Sr. Executive - Business Development

JRF Global (Jai Research Foundation)

Sumit Tivari, B. Pharm., MBA is Sr. Executive - Business Development at Jai Research Foundation-a pr...

Bhavini Tailor

Bhavini Tailor Follow

Assistant Manager – Business Development

JRF Global (Jai Research Foundation)

Bhavini Tailor, B. Com., MCM is Assistant Manager – Business Development at Jai Research Foundation...

Larry Liu

Larry Liu Follow

General Manager

Winhonor Consulting Company Limited

Larry Liu, B.Horticulture is General Manager of Winhonor Consulting Company Limited. This is a compa...

Sridhar Iyer

Sridhar Iyer Follow

Dy. Director & Global Head-Business Development

JRF Global (Jai Research Foundation)

Sridhar Iyer, Ph.D., MBA, is Dy. Director & Global Head-Business Development at Jai Research Foundat...

Marcelo Figueira

Marcelo Figueira Follow

Portfolio Manager

UPL Brasil

Sergiy Knechunas

Sergiy Knechunas Follow

PhD, Research&Development Director

ALFA Smart Agro

Bin Yi

Bin Yi Follow

General Manager


Cathal Daynes

Cathal Daynes Follow

Global Technical Manager

Tradecorp Nutri-Performance

Yuan Cao

Yuan Cao Follow

Technician in China for Alltech Crop Science

Alltech Crop Science

Dimitrios Kouventaris

Dimitrios Kouventaris Follow

Sales Director and Partner in STEFES GmbH


Stefano Cartacci

Stefano Cartacci Follow

Director of Sipcam Oxon, Head of Europe

SIPCAM – OXON Italia S.p.A.

Laurent Martel

Laurent Martel Follow

CEO of Bioline Group, Agriculture Division of InVivo

Invivo Group

Philip Charlton-Smith

Philip Charlton-Smith Follow


ECOspray Limited

Murree Groom

Murree Groom Follow

Technical Director

ECOspray Limited

Kim Müller Christensen

Kim Müller Christensen Follow

Head of Plant Health at Chr. Hansen

Chr. Hansen A/S

Grace Yuan

Grace Yuan Follow

Global Marketing Director


Grace Yuan, Global Marketing Director, Senior Editor of AgroPages,. Email: grace@agropages.com; Wech...

Christina Xie

Christina Xie Follow

Senior Editor


Chief editor of AgroPages. Email: christina@agropages.com

Paul Zheng

Paul Zheng Follow


Mickey Shan

Mickey Shan Follow



Mickey Shan, Editor of AgroPages. Email: mickey@agropages.com


Zorro Follow

Marketing Director & Editor of AgroPages


Marketing Director & Editor of AgroPages. Email: zorro@agropages.com

Erwin Xue

Erwin Xue Follow

Manager, Marketing Department


Project manager of AgroPages. Email: erwin@agropages.com

Joyce Wang

Joyce Wang Follow

Editor of AgroPages


Editor of AgroPages. Email: joyce@agropages.com

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Augusto Goncalves

Augusto Goncalves

Nortox S.A.

Augusto Gonçalves is a R&D Scientist at Nortox. He is a chemistry professional with experience in o...


Philip Kessler

Philip Kessler

Director International Market Development

Andermatt Group AG


katja skrabania

katja skrabania

New Business Development Manager at Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH

Evonik Industries AG


Dr. Markus Schmid

Dr. Markus Schmid

Head of business mgmt, N-management of BASF

BASF Fertilizer

After earning his PhD in chemistry, Markus Schmid joined BASF as a Lab Team Leader in Polymer Resear...


Philip Charlton-Smith

Philip Charlton-Smith


ECOspray Limited


José Nolasco

José Nolasco

Strategy & Innovation director

Tradecorp Nutri-Performance