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Theme: Discovering Overseas Superior Resources and Serving China's Modern Agriculture

In the context of China’s action to achieve zero growth in chemical fertilizer and pesticide use, and to vigorously promote sustainable agriculture, biopesticides, biostimulants and novel fertilizers in China now have bright developing opportunities. A group of overseas companies such as Valagro, Biolchim, COMPO EXPERT, Koppert, STK, etc., after years of field trial & demonstration and market promotion, have achieved rapid development and become widely known in China. Meantime, the Chinese market is at the early growing stage with expanding knowledge and acceptance of biopesticides, biostimulants and novel fertilizers. Overseas excellent products are increasingly accepted by distributors and growers in China. The market potential in China can thus be expected.

To provide Chinese distributors and growers with more choices of overseas resources, to build bridges for business exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign companies, and to promote excellent overseas products in China, AgroPages is holding the event - selecting "Agri-Inputs with Incomparable Market Potential in China 2018" from September 15 to January 21, 2019.

Innovative, environmental-friendly and proprietary biopesticide, biostimulant and novel fertilizer products from overseas companies that have entered or are about to enter the Chinese market are invited to this event. The evaluation will be performed by a panel composed of top-end distributors and experts in China.

The awards for this selection include:

icoTop 10 Biopesticides with Incomparable Market Potential in China 2018

ico Top 10 Biostimulants with Incomparable Market Potential in China 2018

icoTop 10 Novel Fertilizers with Incomparable Market Potential in China 2018

The event follows the principle of voluntary participation and fair selection, and no fees are charged. We sincerely invite you to participate in the event and wish your company would grow together with the fast-developing Chinese market.

The judging panel will grade the products from December 1, 2018 onward.

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    Top 10 Biopesticides

    This award is for the best biopesticides derived from naturally occurring organisms.

    Applicants don’t need to describe the environmental and toxicological safety of their products as this characteristic is “a given” in this category. The judges will be looking for the best products that are not only effective but also formulated in a way that is desirable to users and distributors, and can forge a niche in a market dominated by synthetic chemicals.

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    Top 10 Biostimulants

    This award is open to companies actively undertaking the research and development of biostimulants.

    Top 10 products will win accolade as the most promising biostimulants for Chinese agriculture.

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    Top 10 Novel Fertilizers

    Novel fertilizers include complex microbial inoculants, complex microbial fertilizers, plant growth-promoting agents, microbial formulation with special function, controlled and slow-release fertilizers, etc.

Benefits for you

Submitted biopesticide, biostimulant and novel fertilizer products will be presented in:

1) our on-line product library, on both Chinese and English pages showing to our web visitors;

2) our magazines: Biopesticide Directory, Biostimulant and Novel Fertilizer Directory.

Most marvelous products among all the submissions will be selected and reported, spread via AgroPages Chinse channels, 3B E-Weekly and LinkedIn.

The Judging Panel

The judging panel consists of officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (responsible for detection, registration and promotion of biopesticides, biostimulants and novel fertilizers), top scientists in the industry and distributor representatives. These carefully selected distributors have rich experience in introducing and promoting products from overseas. Theses leading distributors' business cover most of China's northern, central and southern planting regions.

These experienced Judges will review and evaluate the products in terms of their efficacy, safety, novelty, compatibility with the Chinese market to ensure objectivity and credibility of the awards.

Wang Fengle

Mr. Wang is the Director of the Pesticides and Spray Facilities Division of National Agro-Technical Extension and Service Centre of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. He is mainly engaged in the research and promotion of plant protection application technology; organizing trial, demonstration, selection and promotion of novel pesticides and application equipment, and evaluation on their efficacy and safety; organizing info collection about pesticides, equipment production and application technology; analyzing pesticide demands; and monitoring and managing pesticide resistance in China.

Qiu Dewen

Prof. Qiu is the Deputy Director in Institute of Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Chief Scientist on plant immune proteins. With modern molecular biotechnology and proteomics techniques, his research is focused on microbe-derived proteins which active plant immune system. Prof. Qiu's research also covers the construction of biocontrol functional protein genetic engineering strains, the relationship between protein structure and function, and the interaction between functional proteins and targets. In addition, Prof. Qiu is engaged in the research and development of environmental-friendly new biological pesticides to decrease insect immunity and increase protein production. In 2016, the sales of Atailing, a protein based biopesticide, exceeded RMB 100 million. In the same year, an overseas exclusive agency agreement was signed with Arysta, which is the first overseas exclusive agency agreement signed between China and the United States.

Shen Hong

Shen is a professor in South China Agricultural University, a member of the Technical Committee on New Fertilizers of the Chinese Society of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer, and a member of the Technical Committee on Fertilization. He has been engaged in the research on biostimulants and fertilizers production and their efficacy, and successfully developed suspension liquid fertilizer with high nitrogen, high phosphorus and high potassium contents, root-promoting fertilizers, fruiting regents, fruit color-changing & sweetness-boosting fertilizers, seaweed biostimulants and other products. Mr. Shen is currently the head of Root Layer Controlling Lab of Agricultural College of South China Agricultural University, and the team leader for the research on seaweed water-soluble fertilizer under "Development and Production of Seaweed-Based Water Soluble Fertilizer", a national key research project.

Cheng Shanmin

Mr. Cheng is the General Manager of Anhui Huifuqiang Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., a leading agri-inputs distributor in East China, a member of China Pesticide Standardization Technical Committee, and a supervisor of master students in Anhui Agricultural University. He once worked with Bayer and successfully promoted the market positioning of Regent (fipronil) in China. Mr. Cheng has a deep understanding of China's crop protection industry and crop protection products. He has rich experience in pest detection and crop protection product marketing. His company is the sales champion with several brands from multinational companies such as Syngenta and BASF in China. He has developed a number of application techniques such as auxiliary stimulation, biocontrol, and thermal fog deposition, also conducted research on pesticide formulations.

Zhang Hong

Mr. Zhang is the Chairman of Yunnan Tiansui Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd., a leading agri-inputs distributor in Yunnan Province. In 2017, the company had pesticides and new type fertilizers sales of over RMB 100 million, creating a marketing miracle in agri-inputs industry in China. The company has nearly 200 employees and about 3,000 terminal retail customers, reaching all parts of Yunnan Province and serving more than 10 million mu of fruits, vegetables, flowers, grapes and herbs. The sales of their insecticide Spinetoram reached almost RMB 30 million, and the sales of two fungicides, i.e. Segway and Frowncide, were about RMB 30 million.

Wu Jiaqiang

Mr. Wu is the Chairman of Guangdong Justagrotech Co., Ltd., a leading agri-inputs distributor and agricultural technology educator in South China, and introducing advanced overseas bio-agricultural products into China. Justagrotech also conducts agricultural technology research in the country. The company takes the lead in China to advocate the concept of Crop Health Therapy. As the company integrates technology application research, education and promotion, it always devotes in developing and promoting cultivation techniques and crop protection products. The company is a partner of some overseas research institutes and enterprises. Since 2006, Justagrotech has co-operated with Valagro and become its general agent in China.

Cui Yongtao

Mr. Cui is the General Manager in Chemical Department of Guangdong Tianhe Agricultural Means of Production Co., Ltd., a comprehensive agricultural service provider with crop solutions and high-quality agri-inputs. The company takes modern agricultural technology service as the core, with direct-to-terminal distribution system. It ranks 7th among competitive agri-inputs distributors in China, and is a leading agricultural enterprise in Guangdong Province. The company has established long-term strategic partnerships with many overseas companies such as Yara International, Israel Chemicals, Canada Potash Corporation, Syngenta, Corteva (DowDuPont), Bayer, BASF, and FMC. It has more than 60 distribution centers in 15 major agricultural provinces, e.g. Guangdong, Guangxi and Fujian.

Shen Kuanyuan

Mr. Shen is the General Manager of Beijing Xinhefeng Agrochemical Co., Ltd., with master degree. He once worked in Guangdong Institute of Entomology, Zeneca Group PLC and Monsanto USA. As a pioneer company in China’s novel fertilizer industry, Xinhefeng focuses on crop nutrition, crop protection and soil improvement, and takes the lead to introduce foreign high-quality boron fertilizer into China, as well as many other advanced overseas products including micronutrient, secondary fertilizers, microbial fertilizers and biostimulants. The company has also created brands such as Foliarel 21% B, Hailvsu, Calcium Fertilizers for Fruit and Vegetable, Kanglifeng and Meiman, which are widely recognized and trusted by Chinese farmers. In recent years, the company has vigorously promoted green cultivation techniques and full-process solutions for crops. “Green Agriculture, Green Xinhefeng” is the future development direction of Xinhefeng.


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