Registration information of pesticide ais to help you know the real qualified suppliers.
  • Monthly updates via Email to report the latestregistration information
  • Archive registration information searchable online
Exporting information analysis for target product to help you know the competition status.
  • Monthly updates via Email to track the exporting data of your target product.
  • Analysis report of quantity/price,exporting area and exporters of your target product
Customized consulting service to help you know better of your business opportunity.
  • Market Survey Report
  • Product Survey Report
  • Company Survey Report

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What kind of information do you need to help your business with China?

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    • Registration information by ICAMA
    • Exporting Datas of the products(s)
    • Suppliers survey report of the product(s)
    • Market survey report of the product(s)
    • Other(Please specify)
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