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Chinese issue of Annual Review 2017

Language: Chinese

Publication Date:Mar. 2, 2018


Focus of this issue

  • Year in Review
  • Insight
  • Interview
  • Chinese Market Overview


  • New Global Agrochemical Ecosystem Is Reshaping New Pattern for Corporate Development
    全球农化新生态正在重塑企业发展新格局 - 2017 年农化行业盘点

  • Pesticides Registered & Launched in 2017 and Analysis of Key Products
    2017 年全球登记或上市农药盘点及重点品种分析

Articles Index

  • Annual Review of Global Biopesticide and Biocontrol Industry 2017
    2017 全球生物农药和生物防控行业年度回顾

  • 2017 Summary of Global Seed Industry
    2017 全球种业热点盘点

  • 2017 Overview of Global GMO Development
    2017 年全球转基因观察

  • Voices from Industry: Time to Think Over and Reshape a New Future
    行业之声:在反思中前行 翘盼农化行业新格局

  • Stricter Environmental Policies in China: Part of Growing Pains for Healthier Industry
    中国更严的环保政策:眼前的阵痛 长远的行业健康发展

  • Formulation Innovation: Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions

  • Indian Agrochemical Market: Events in 2017 and Their Effects
    【调研】2017 年印度农化市场大事记及其影响

  • HELM: Positive Transformation and Rapid Response to Address Challenges in the Industry
    德国汉姆:积极转型 快速响应 - 应对行业发展的挑战

  • Chinese Pesticide 2017: “No Quotations, No Stock” Prevail, Corporate Transformation Achieves Preliminary Results
    2017 中国农药市场 : “无价无货”成年度现象 企业转型初现成效

  • 2017 Overview of Investment Strategy of Chinese Agrochemical Enterprises
    2017 年中国农化企业投资策略观察

  • 2017 China Pesticide Registration Watch
    2017 中国农药登记分析


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