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2017 Chinese issue of Biologicals Special

2017 Chinese issue of Biologicals Special

Language: Chinese

Publication Date:Dec. 28, 2017

Focus of this issue

  • 年度回顾
    Year in Review
  • 访谈
  • 市场纵览
    Market Overview
  • 观点


  • 2017 全球作物营养及生物刺激素行业年度回顾
    Annual Review of Global Crop Nutrition and Stimulants Industry 2017

  • 爱利思达:借助传统渠道优势 快速进入中国生物刺激素市场
    Arysta: Rapid Access to Chinese Biostimulant Market via Conventional Sales Network

Articles Index

  • 2017 全球生物农药和生物防控行业年度回顾
    Annual Review of Global Biopesticide and Biocontrol Industry 2017

  • 2021 年全球生物刺激素市场将达到 28 亿美元
    Biostimulants Market to Grow to $2.8 Billion by 2021

  • 美国生物刺激素市场:机遇与挑战并存
    Rapid Growth, Opportunities, and Barriers within the US Biostimulants Market

  • 拉丁美洲:生物防治的另一巨大潜力市场
    Latin America: A Huge Potential Market of Biocontrol

  • 我国生物农药发展现状及新《农药管理条例》对生物农药行业的影响
    Chinese Biopesticide Development Status and Export Situation Analysis

  • 非生物胁迫的解决策略:胁迫预测、早期检测和生物刺激素的应用
    Forecast and Early Stress Detection for A Successful Biostimulant Strategy

  • 生物农药与化学农药的结合需破除多重困难
    How is the Marriage Between Biologicals and Chemicals Really Going?


Jim Walter

Jim Walter Follow

Kline & Company, Inc.

Carlos Repiso

Carlos Repiso Follow

Biostimulation R&D coordinator at Tradecorp

Tradecorp Nutri-Performance

Biostimulation R&D coordinator at Tradecorp

Jan Mostert

Jan Mostert Follow

Portfolio Lead of Biorationals and Horticulture

Certis Europe

Jan Mostert is Portfolio Lead of Biorationals and Horticulture in Certis Europe.

Paul Zheng

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Paul Zheng, editor of Email:

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