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Fluazinam is a foliar fungicide with contact and protectant activity. The product is rainfast within six hours of application and has residual activity lasting at least a week. Fluazinam is principally used for control of Phytophthora infestans, prophylactic application being most effective. It has a multi-site mode of action, resulting in effects at several stages of the disease cycle and making the development of resistance unlikely. The fungicide can suppress secondary infection in the field through inhibition of sporulation. Fluazinam is not phytotoxic to target crops.

In field trials on potatoes, fluazinam gave better control of late blight on foliage and tubers, at lower application rates, than standard treatments. It has no cross-resistance to other commercially available fungicides. In potato trials, a spray sequence with seven-day intervals has been found to be most effective in blight reduction. Canadian recommendations are for a maximum of 10 applications per season, but no more than three in sequence without alternating to products with a different mode of action.

Field trials in France have concluded that fluazinam significantly improved protection of chicory roots against Phytophthora cryptogea compared to mancozeb, formerly the only registered fungicide for root conservation in France. Use of fluazinam has been officially authorised in France since October 1999.

Further studies revealed that fluazinam can reduce mycelial growth of Sclerotinia minor and S sclerotiorum by at least 50% at an application rate of 0.01 mg ai/l. In field trials this produced a significant decrease in diseased lettuce plants, when compared with untreated plants.

Fluazinam was tested in field trials in Scotland investigating the control of powdery scab of potatoes. Soil treatment with fluazinam was more consistently effective than treating seed tubers with maneb + zinc oxide, but chemical treatment alone was insufficient and an integrated approach was recommended.
beans, brassicas, chicory, lettuces, onions, peanuts, peas, potatoes, strawberries, top fruits, vines




1-1.5 pints/acre ( 1.1-1.7 l/ha)


0.3-0.4 l/ha; 150-200 g ai/ha


750 g ai/ha

Physical Properties
Molecular weight:465.1; Physical form:Light yellow crystals. Density:0.366 (25 °C, bulk); Melting point:115-117 °C; Vapour pressure:1.5 mPa (25 °C); Henry constant:4.10 × 10-1 Pa m3 mol-1 ( calc.); Partition coefficient(n-octanol and water):logP = 3.56; Solubility:In water 1.7 mg/l ( pH 6.8, 25 °C). In n-hexane 12, acetone 470, toluene 410, diethyl ether 320, dichloromethane 330, ethanol 150 (all in g/l, 20 °C).; Stability:Stable to acid, alkali and heat.;
Oral:Acute oral LD50 for rats >5000 mg/ kg. Percutaneous:Acute percutaneous LD50 for rats >2000 mg/ kg. Inhalation: LC50 for rats 0.463 mg/l.
Environmental Profile
Bees: LD50 (oral) >100 mg/bee; (contact) >200 mg/bee.Birds:Acute oral LD50 for bobwhite quail 1782, mallard ducks 4190 mg/ kg.Daphnia: LC50 (48 h) 0.22 mg/l.Fish: LC50 (96 h) for carp 0.15, rainbow trout 0.11 mg/l.Worms: LC50 (28 d) >1000 mg/ kg. 

Environmental fate: 
Soil:In soil, DT50 33-62 d. Kd 143-820.
Transport Information
Signal Word:WARNING; Hazard Class:II(Moderately hazardous)

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