2018 Latin America Focus

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2018 Latin America Focus

Language: English,Spanish

Publication Date:Jul. 31, 2018

Focus of this issue



  • Ourofino Agrociência: Thought for Brazil
    Ourofino Agrociência: Pensado para Brasil

Articles Index

  • New Solutions for Control of Crop Plagues in South America
    Nuevas soluciones para el control de plagas en la agricultura en América Latina

  • Nematodes: Emerging Problems and Integrated Management Solutions in Latin America
    Nematodos: problemas emergentes y soluciones de control integradas en América Latina

  • Digital Agriculture Sets Sail in Latin America
    La agricultura digital alza las velas en América Latina

  • The Brazilian Agrochemical Market under a Financial Perspective
    El mercado brasileño de agroquímicos bajo una perspectiva financiera

  • POINT AMERICAS: Excellence in Technical Service and Strong Partnership with Chinese Suppliers
    POINT AMERICAS: Garantía de Calidad – Servicio Técnico – Sinergía y Confianza Mutua con Socios Chinos

  • Polaquimia Aims to Be Solution for Market, Government, Environment
    Polaquimia pretende ser una solución para el mercado, el gobierno y el medio ambiente

  • Political View over Future of Agrochemicals and Agriculture during Election Time in Brazil
    Visión política acerca del futuro de los agroquimicos y la agricultura en tiempos de elecciones en Brasil

  • Biocontrol in Brazil: Opportunities and Challenges
    Biocontrol en Brasil: oportunidades y desafíos

  • Import of Seeds in Brazil
    La importación de semillas en Brasil

  • QSAR (Quantitative structure–activity relationship) Models: An Increasing Trend in Toxicological Evaluations for Pesticides Registration
    Modelos QSAR (Relación cuantitativa entre estructura y actividad): Una Tendencia Creciente en Evaluaciones Toxicológicas para Registro de Plaguicidas

  • In vitro Alternative Methods: A Growing Trend in Regulatory Safety Evaluation
    Métodos Alternativos In Vitro: Una creciente tendencia en crecimiento para la evaluación de la seguridad a nivel regulatorio

    A-Z Index (by company name)


Norival Bonamichi

Norival Bonamichi Follow



President of Ourofino Agrociência

Luciano Galera

Luciano Galera Follow

Head of marketing and R&D


Marketing, Research and Development Director of Ourofino Agrociência

Rafael Pereira

Rafael Pereira Follow

Innovation and Development Manager

UPL Brasil

Senior manager for Regulatory Affairs, Development and Innovation at UPL Brazil

Jean Zonato

Jean Zonato Follow

Director of fungicides

Bayer Cropscience do Brasil Ltda

Director of fungicides at Bayer in Brazil

Luis Demant

Luis Demant Follow

Product Manager Fungicides

Iharabras S/A Indústrias Químicas

Product Manager Fungicides at Ihara

Helio Cabral Costa

Helio Cabral Costa Follow

Marketing manager of soybean

BASF Brazil S.A.

Marketing manager of soybean at BASF

Luís Fernando Andrade

Luís Fernando Andrade Follow

Product Manager Insecticides

Iharabras S/A Indústrias Químicas

Product Manager Insecticides at Ihara

Alexandre Manzini

Alexandre Manzini Follow

Product Manager Insectisides & ST

Nufarm Australia Ltd

Product manager, Insectisides and ST at Nufarm

Danilo Pedrazzoli

Danilo Pedrazzoli Follow

Industrial director

Koppert do Brasil

Industrial director of Koppert Brazil

Grace Yuan

Grace Yuan Follow

Global Marketing Director


Grace Yuan, Global Marketing Director, Senior Editor of AgroPages,. Email: grace@agropages.com; Wech...

Johnny Weissenberg

Johnny Weissenberg Follow

Head Crop Protection Development

Syngenta Brazil

Head Crop Protection Development from Syngenta Latin America and Brazil

Emilhano Lima

Emilhano Lima Follow

Head Seedcare Latin America

Syngenta Brazil

Head Seedcare Latin America and Key Account Manager Customer Unit Head Brazil at Syngenta

Jorge Alberto Barrionuevo

Jorge Alberto Barrionuevo Follow

Product Manager Insecticide

Bayer Latin America

Product Manager Insecticide from Bayer Latin America

Benjamin Robles Sanchez

Benjamin Robles Sanchez Follow

Marketing and Development Latin America

ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Ltd

Marketing and Development Latin America at ADAMA

Gerson Dalla Corte

Gerson Dalla Corte Follow

Product Manager

ADAMA Brasil

Product Manager Adama Brazil

Christina Xie

Christina Xie Follow

Senior Editor


Chief editor of AgroPages. Email: christina@agropages.com

Pedro Rocha

Pedro Rocha Follow

Climate Product Lead

Monsanto Company

Climate Product Lead, Monsanto South America

Dan Burdett

Dan Burdett Follow

Head of Global Digital Agriculture

Syngenta Crop Protection AG

Head of Global Digital Agriculture at Syngenta

Wade Barnes

Wade Barnes Follow

President & CEO

Farmers Edge

CEO of Farmers Edge

Ana Attie

Ana Attie Follow

Marketing Manager


Marketing Manager at Strider

Mariana Vasconcelos

Mariana Vasconcelos Follow


Agrosmart S.A.

CEO of Agrosmart

Eduardo Lima Porto

Eduardo Lima Porto Follow

LucrodoAgro Consultoria Agroeconomica

Eduardo Lima Porto is the proprietary of LucrodoAgro Consultoria Agroeconomica that is dedicated to ...

Scot von Bergen

Scot von Bergen Follow


Point Americas S.A.

President of Point Americas

Ya Su

Ya Su Follow

Jiangyin Milagro Chemical Co.,Ltd

President of Milagro Chemicals

Mickey Shan

Mickey Shan Follow



Mickey Shan, Editor of AgroPages. Email: mickey@agropages.com

Erwin Xue

Erwin Xue Follow

Manager, Marketing Department


Project manager of AgroPages. Email: erwin@agropages.com


Mr. Q. G. POLAK Follow



Director of Polaquimia

Leonardo Gottems

Leonardo Gottems Follow



Editor of AgroPages. Email: agropages@vip.163.com

Gustavo Grisa

Gustavo Grisa Follow

Economist, partner of Agencia Futuro

Agência Futuro

Economist Gustavo Grisa, partner of Agencia Futuro, an impact business consultancy in Sao Paulo. He ...

Pedro Faria Jr.

Pedro Faria Jr. Follow



Agronomist, graduated in 1981 at ESALQ-USP, Brazil. 27 years of field experience with biological con...

Dr. Paulo Campante

Dr. Paulo Campante Follow

Brazilian Seed Association( ABRASEM)

Executive Superintendent, Brazilian Seed Association (ABRASEM)

Edivan Tonhi

Edivan Tonhi Follow

Ph.D., Operations Manager

NSF Bioensaios

Ph.D., Operations Manager at NSF Bioensaios Brazil

Rahul Date

Rahul Date Follow

Ph.D., Head – R & D section

JRF Global (Jai Research Foundation)

Rahul Date, Ph.D., Head – R & D section at JRF

Rajendra Nagne

Rajendra Nagne Follow

Ph.D., Head - Mutagenicity section

JRF Global (Jai Research Foundation)

Ph.D., Head - Mutagenicity section at JRF

Manish Patel

Manish Patel Follow

Ph.D., Head - Toxicology

JRF Global (Jai Research Foundation)

Ph.D., Head - Toxicology at JRF

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Mohamed Arkoub

Mohamed Arkoub

Marketing and Development manager (Egypt &Export countries)

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Jennifer Lewis

Jennifer Lewis

The International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association(IBMA)


Mr. Sat Narain Gupta

Mr. Sat Narain Gupta

Chairman & Managing Director

Bharat Group


Amanda Ver Helst

Amanda Ver Helst

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Paulo Iria Antunes

Paulo Iria Antunes

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