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2022 Organic Farming

Language: English

Publication Date:May. 30, 2022

Focus of this issue

AgroPages' business magazine —— 2022 Organic Farming (English & Chinese editions) will be published in May 2022 .

Organic farming is a stable way of agricultural production using a range of sustainable agricultural techniques,which is not covered by Genetic Engineering,synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, etc. Organic farming follows ecological principles to coordinate the planting balance.


In the context of population explosion, climate change and environmental degradation, etc. Organic farming is the main force of sustainable agriculture. Our magazine will mainly focus on the theme of the development of the global organic agriculture , different policy systems, inputs and product certification, supplier observation and industry thinking, and carbon neutral, etc. We provide reference and help for organic raw material importers and exporters, brand manufacturers, local distributors and growers for efficient production and operation .


We also welcome experts in the organic and agribusiness industry to share your point of view regarding the topics mentioned above. Moreover, it is a good platform for any company interested in brand-building.Image adverts, exclusive interviews and marketing articles are available for booking.


Topics Preview:


Cover Story

-Citymax(Gold Sponsor

Characteristics and trends of global organic farming and agricultural development.

-Whether the large-scale and intensive farming improves the cost-benefit balance of organic produce?

Comparison of policy systems between major regions and countries in the world.

-Organic Agriculture in the US - How does the divide-and-rule regulatory system create the world's biggest organic agricultural market?

-German three-dimensional award and subsidy policy ensures the benefits of producers.

 -What should companies pay attention to---the differences between China , Europe and America in organic agriculture policy system.

The new energy crisis and geopolitical crisis have brought impacts on global food security. How can organic farming increase production while taking food safety and environmental protection into consideration.

-Debate on the legality of Genetic Engineering.

-Innovative solutions for organic inputs.

-The use of digital agriculture in organic farming.

-Innovation of field planting technology.


Observations and perspectives from emerging markets in organic agriculture

-Organic land and market share are growing year by year. Is China poised to take off ?

-How India continues to top the number of organic producers?


Organic farming and agriculture carbon neutral

-The cultivation mode of organic farming helps reduce the agricultural carbon emissions.

-Seeking a dynamic balance between cost-effectiveness and carbon neutrality -- precision agriculture and regenerative agriculture.

-More topics......

We also welcome more experts in this field to share your insights over the above topics.


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