2023 India Focus

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Agrow Allied Ventures Pvt. Ltd (AAVPL)Krishi Rasayan Group of Companies
2023 India Focus

Language: English

Publication Date:Sep. 30, 2023

Focus of this issue

  • Cover Story
  • Rankings
  • Company Spotlight
  • Market Insight
  • Viewpoint
  • Company Directory


  • Best Agrolife Ltd, Nurturing Growth, Innovation, and Sustainability in Agriculture

  • Top 20 Indian Agrochemical Companies in FY 2022-23: Braving Global Headwinds with Resilience and Growth

Articles Index

  • Quality, Innovation and Expansion: Agrow Allied Ventures” Formula for Leadership in Crop Protection

  • Krishi Rasayan: Battling Volatility, Boosting Innovation, and Capturing Growth

  • Adjuvants with Novel Modes of Action for Drift Control and Maintain Biological Efficacy

  • Investing for the Future - India”s Agrochemical Companies Scale Up

  • Observations on the Development of India”s Agrochemicals Industry from Product Registration

  • Japanese Agrochemical Enterprises Forge Stronger Footprint in India’s Pesticide Market

  • Observations on the Indian Rice Pesticide Market in the Context of Rising Global Rice Prices

  • How Indian CRAMS Firms Are Becoming Indispensable Partners for Agrochemical Multinationals

  • Global Footprint: India 2nd Largest Exporter of Agrochemicals

  • Balancing Agrochemical Manufacturing and Environmental Responsibility: Paving India”s Path Forward


Mr. Rakshit Sehgal

Mr. Rakshit Sehgal Follow

Managing Director

Agrow Allied Ventures Pvt. Ltd (AAVPL)

Mr. Atul Churiwal

Mr. Atul Churiwal Follow

Managing Director

Krishi Rasayan Group of Companies

Christina Xie

Christina Xie Follow

Co-partner & Editor in chief


Email: christina@agropages.com WhatsApp: +86 18806513367 WeChat: +86 18806513367 LinkedIn: https://w...

Dr. Annika Dietrich

Dr. Annika Dietrich Follow

Head of Application Technology EMEA

Evonik Industries AG

Marc A. McPherson

Marc A. McPherson Follow


Evonik Industries AG

Annie Feng

Annie Feng Follow



Nino Wong

Nino Wong Follow



The editor of AgroPages. Email: apnino@agropages.com

Longjian Huang

Longjian Huang Follow



Mayank Singhal

Mayank Singhal Follow

Vice Chairperson & Managing Director

PI Industries Ltd

Maulik Mehta

Maulik Mehta Follow

CEO & Executive Director

Deepak Nitrite Ltd.

Rajendra V. Gogri

Rajendra V. Gogri Follow

Chairman and Managing Director

Aarti Industries Ltd.

Harish Mehta

Harish Mehta Follow

Senior Advisor

Crop Care Federation of India (CCFI)

Mr. Harish Mehta is an Agricultural Engineer with MBA from Faculty of Management Studies, University...

Dr. Purushottam M. Dewang

Dr. Purushottam M. Dewang Follow


CropG1 Agro Research & Development Private Limited

Dr. Purushottam M. Dewang is an accomplished scientist and entrepreneur known for significant contri...

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María Paula Lezaun

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AgriConsult LATAM


Lacey Dellinger

Lacey Dellinger

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North America Adjuvants Lead at Ingevity


Rene Haensel

Rene Haensel

Director Agriculture EMEA & Global Senior Expert

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Luís Fernando Andrade

Luís Fernando Andrade

Product Manager Insecticides

Iharabras S/A Indústrias Químicas

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Tom Kroll

Tom Kroll

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