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AllierBrasil registered CAMPESTRE® 240 SL in Brazil


Syngenta launches fungicide Revus Opti for fruits and vegetables in Brazil

Chlorothalonil Mandipropamid

U.S. Judge allows lawsuits over Monsanto's Roundup to proceed to trial


EU proposes non-renewal of acaricide etoxazole


Vectorcontrol and Santa Clara launched bioinsecticide Tarik EC in Brazil

Bacillus thuringiensis

BASF launches herbicide Atectra in Brazil to control wide-leaf weeds


BASF launches herbicide Amplexus for desiccation management in Brazil

Imazapic Imazapyr

Nufarm launches fungicide Volna in Brazil


Dicamba injured crops and plants becoming more evident in US


Canada’s proposed MRLs for iprodione in food crops to be implemented


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Jiangyin Milagro Chemical Co.,Ltd

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Flumioxazin Boscalid Fenazaquin Fluazinam Empedobacter brevis Mamestra brassicae nuclear polyhedrosis virus Agriculural Organosilicone Adjuvant microelements amino acid chelate Methoxyfenozide Zinc thiazole

Zhejiang Zhongshan Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.

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Ametryn Terbuthylazine Metamitron S-metolachlor Picoxystrobin Mesotrione Bentazone Atrazine Propazine Alachlor

Shandong Binnong Technology Co., Ltd.

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Atrazine Ametryn Metolachlor Mesotrione S-metolachlor Terbuthylazine Glufosinate-ammonium Prometryn Bentazone Pendimethalin

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Glufosinate-ammonium 2,4-D MCPA Dicamba Propanil Clethodim Glyphosate Captan Flumioxazin Sulfentrazone