2021 Biologicals Special

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2021 Biologicals Special

Language: English

Publication Date:Jun. 30, 2021

Focus of this issue

  • Cover Story
  • Interviews
  • Registration Policies
  • Products and Technologies
  • Viewpoints
  • Company Directory


  • Asfertglobal Expands in International Markets with Sustainable Biofertilizers

  • Biolchim’s way to face divers, growing challenges

  • Futureco Bioscience, Expert in Bio-Precision Agriculture with Strong R&D&I Capacity

  • AFEPASA: Serving Sustainable Agriculture with 128 years of Experience in Sulphur Products

  • Sea6 Energy: Creating Innovative Products in a Sustainable Way, by Combining the Strengths of Patented Ocean Farming System, Cutting Edge Research and Superior Agronomy Expertise

  • The Core and Changes in Registration Regulation for Biopesticides and Biostimulants in Key Markets: EU, US, India and Japan

Articles Index

  • Biopesticide Active Ingredients Get Policy Support for Entrance into Chinese Market

  • Greening up the future of our food production

  • PREV-AM® the 3-in-1 Insecticide, Fungicide and Miticide, Problem-solver with Minimal Environmental Impact

  • Idai Nature, France Launches PORTENTO® to Eliminate Fungi for Good

  • Biostimulation, from Novel Technology to a Must in Agriculture

  • The Global Expansion of Certis Biologicals

  • Fertilizers for New Challenges

  • Deep Diving into Biological Dark Matter

  • Challenges of Bio Market in Argentina; Agri Star adds M2i pheromones into package

  • Biosolutions at OXITENO: Capabilities and Technologies for the Biopesticide Market

  • Ingevity’s New Generation of Sustainable Dispersants Meets the Complex Challenges of Biological Formulations

  • Evonik BREAK-THRU® Additives Applied Tank-Side in Field Trials to Enhance Efficacy of Biopesticides

  • Solvay: Enhanced Adjuvants & Co-formulants Toolbox for Microbial Biopesticides

  • Biobest Embraces AI to Help Growers Drive up Yields

  • Regev™ – A Broad-Spectrum Hybrid Fungicide for Disease Control

  • Biologicals Business Development at Bayer, UPL, Syngenta and Sumitomo Chemical

  • Haifa, Nutrien, Kingenta and New Yonfer Fertilizer’s views on the biositmulant industry and market

  • Russian Biostimulant Industry Watch: From Research, Field Practice Points of View


Lars Huber

Lars Huber Follow

Senior Manager Regulatory Affairs, Head of Biorationals, Fertiliser, IPM

Scientific Consulting Company (SCC)

Senior Manager Regulatory Affairs, Head of Biorationals, Fertiliser, IPM at Scientific Consulting Co...

P. Balakrishna Murthy

P. Balakrishna Murthy Follow

Scientific Business Advisor

Scientific Consulting Company (SCC)

Ph.D., D.Sc., Scientific Business Advisor to SCC GmbH in India

Cody Kendrick

Cody Kendrick Follow

Sr. Product Manager, Regulatory Affairs

LANDIS International, Inc.

Hidetoshi Goto

Hidetoshi Goto Follow

Manager Regulatory Scientific Department

Scientific Consulting Company (SCC)

Ph.D., Manager Regulatory Scientific Department at SCC Scientific Consulting Company Japan K.K.

Joyce Wang

Joyce Wang Follow

Editor of AgroPages


Editor of AgroPages. Email: joyce@agropages.com

Jan Mostert

Jan Mostert Follow

Head of Biorationals Innovation Team

Certis Europe(Belgium)

Jan Mostert is Portfolio Lead of Biorationals and Horticulture in Certis Europe.

Cathal Daynes

Cathal Daynes Follow

Global Technical Manager

Tradecorp Nutri-Performance

Amaya Jordá

Amaya Jordá Follow

Portfolio Manager


Anna Konieczny

Anna Konieczny Follow

International Marketing Manager


Radoslaw Wilk

Radoslaw Wilk Follow

Product Manager - Fertilizers


Efrén Remesal González

Efrén Remesal González Follow

Director of Research & Development


Ezequiel Nardini

Ezequiel Nardini Follow

Agri Star S.A.

Poliana Cardoso-Gustavson

Poliana Cardoso-Gustavson Follow

R&D Scientist for Crop Solutions

Indorama Ventures(Former OXITENO)

Henrique Alves

Henrique Alves Follow

Field Marketing for Crop Solutions

Indorama Ventures(Former OXITENO)

Guigui Wan

Guigui Wan Follow

Technical Team Lead, Agrochemicals at Ingevity

Ginkgo Bioworks

Gift Metavarayuth

Gift Metavarayuth Follow

Senior Formulation Chemist, Agrochemicals


Daniela Kruse

Daniela Kruse Follow

Director New Markets, Interface & Performance at Evonik

Evonik Industries AG

Marc A. McPherson

Marc A. McPherson Follow


Evonik Industries AG

Monique Adamy

Monique Adamy Follow

R&D Laboratory Manager, Europe – Solvay Novecare Agricultural Specialties


Ling Qi

Ling Qi Follow

Novecare Agricultural Specialties R&D Scientist


Fernanda Barreto Costa

Fernanda Barreto Costa Follow

Novecare Agricultural Specialties R&D Lab Manager


Marina Pessoa

Marina Pessoa Follow

Industrial Biotechnology Laboratory, R&D Researcher


Prof. Moshe Reuveni

Prof. Moshe Reuveni Follow


Prof. Moshe Reuveni received his Ph.D. in Plant Pathology from the Department of Life Sciences of Ba...

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Mickey Shan

Mickey Shan

Senior Editor; China Marketing Director


Mickey Shan, China Marketing Director, Senior Editor of AgroPages. Email: mickey@agropages.com


Jordan Dinglasan

Jordan Dinglasan

VP Product Development at Vive Crop Protection

Vive Crop Protection


Kelly Buchek

Kelly Buchek

Senior Product Development Chemist, Stepan Company Agricultural Solutions

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Senior Product Development Chemist, Stepan Company Agricultural Solutions


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Dr. Aoife Dillon

Crop Protection Principal Scientist

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Jeff Tweedy


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