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2021 CRO & CRAO Manual

Language: English

Publication Date:Sep. 30, 2021

Focus of this issue

Dear Readers,

We are happy to announce that the AgroPages' business magazine, 2021 CROs & CRAOs Manual, will be published in September this year.


The CROs & CRAOs Manual is a magazine that the AgroPages has been publishing for many years. The 2021 edition will focus on  regulation policies and market changes in Europe, Sourth Amercia and India.


We are very pleased that we can now provide a platform to meet the information needs of readers, and support CROs & CRAOs to demonstrate their strength in the field of contract research, regulatory affair and field testing.


Call for paper

If your company has a story on the following topics that need to be shared, please contact me.

A.  About European Union:

Ÿ   What are the impacts of the new EU fertilizer regulation changes on the biostimulant industry?

Ÿ   Through the indicators (such as POP, PBT, vPvB) of EU banned and restricted products, analyzing the products with high risk of prohibition and restriction in the future.

Ÿ   If the ban and restriction of pesticide in EU will impact on the pesticide market in Eastern Europe?

Ÿ   Analysis of the EU pesticide active ingredients re-assessment system (such as prothioconazole).


B.  About South America:

Ÿ   Analysis of hot products registered in Brazil.

Ÿ   How to accelerate the registration period of Brazilian technical preparations?

Ÿ   Inventory of new field-testing projects in Brazil and Argentina in recent years (including test sites and products).


C.  About India:

Ÿ   Inventory of the registration of new pesticide products (technicals and formulations) in India in recent years.

Ÿ  To analyze how the regulation and policy support the pesticide ”Made In India”.

Ÿ  The analysis of Indian pesticide market management regulations and market channels (take abamectin/emamectin as example).

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