2022 Biologicals Special

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2022 Biologicals Special

Language: English

Publication Date:Sep. 6, 2022

Focus of this issue

  • Cover Story
  • Viewpoints
  • Biostimulants & Biocontrols
  • Formulation & Adjuvant Technologies
  • Registration & Testing Service
  • Company Directory


  • Taking a Deep Dive into the Functional Value of Biostimulants by Focusing on Planting Needs

  • Tested, Proven, Applied – NPP’s Biosolutions are Meeting the Needs of Farms and Farmers

  • Battelle: Offers High Quality and Innovative Bioformulation Development and Regulatory Consultancy, Modelling and GLP Product Safety Testing for Biologicals

  • New Rules for Registration of Microbial Biological Control Agents (MBCAs) in EU – a Boost for Commercialisation?

  • Acadian Plant Health is Proving the ROI of Biostimulants

Articles Index

  • Kernel - Serving Development of Green Agriculture with Leading Biological Fermentation Technology

  • Altus: Create Impact Biological Solutions with Streptomyces Spp. to improve Worldwide Agriculture

  • AlgaEnergy: Bending the Arc of Agricultural Innovation

  • Make High Quality and Performance Biologicals to Increase Productivity and Nutritional Content of Food - Interview with Bernardo Arnaud and Yuri Maggi

  • Bioglobal”s Novel Kairomone Bait for Monitoring and Controlling Rice Leaffolder

  • Challenges and Opportunities for Biocontrol and Organic Farming

  • AG Fort: Sea6 Energy’s Novel Solution for Viral Diseases

  • Fyteko: Bio-molecules — the Way to Sustainable Crop Production

  • The Rising Price of Fertilizers, Environmental Impact, and Effective Biological Alternatives

  • AFEPASA Presents His New Liquid Production Plant

  • How U.S. Manufacturing Benefits You

  • Valent BioSciences Continues to Innovate

  • Kernel - Serving Development of Green Agriculture with Leading Biological Fermentation Technology

  • New Product Choices Incorporated in Biologicals Portfolio of Agrochemical Giants – an Overview of Biologicals Distribution Partnerships in 2021-2022

  • Advancing Ag: Enhancing Performance of Bacillus Strains with BASF’s New Adjuvants Solutions

  • Liposam from BTU-CENTER: Microbial Polysaccharides as an Alternative to the Chemical Adjuvants

  • Borregaard Sustainable Lignin Biopolymers for Biocontrol Formulations

  • How Ingevity Dispersants Can Increase Carbon Sequestration

  • Innospec: ENVIOMET® C — a Readily Biodegradable, Environmentally Friendly Chelating Agent for Agricultural Applications

  • Overcoming Shelf-Life Hurdles: Solvay Solutions for Robust Oil Dispersions Microbial Biopesticides Formulations

  • JRF: Acute Toxicity/Pathogenicity for Microbial pesticides

  • Biopesticides: From Innovation to Registration in Europe / Serie #1

  • The Growth of Biostimulants and How to Prove Your Products Efficacy


Grace Yuan

Grace Yuan Follow

Global Marketing Director


Grace Yuan, Global Marketing Director, Senior Editor of AgroPages,. Email: grace@agropages.com; Wech...

Joyce Wang

Joyce Wang Follow

Editor of AgroPages


Editor of AgroPages. Email: joyce@agropages.com

Ezio Costa

Ezio Costa Follow

NPP Business Unit Leader

UPL Limited

Dominik Reinhard

Dominik Reinhard Follow



Inês Rocha

Inês Rocha Follow

Researcher Microbiology, Crop Protection Division


Ganesh Yanadi

Ganesh Yanadi Follow


Altus Biotechnology

Douglas Ry Wagner

Douglas Ry Wagner Follow

President Agribusiness


Yuri Maggi

Yuri Maggi Follow



Bernardo G. Arnaud

Bernardo G. Arnaud Follow



Lars Huber

Lars Huber Follow

Senior Manager Regulatory Affairs, Head of Biorationals, Fertiliser, IPM

Scientific Consulting Company (SCC)

Senior Manager Regulatory Affairs, Head of Biorationals, Fertiliser, IPM at Scientific Consulting Co...

Annerie Liebenberg

Annerie Liebenberg Follow

Manger Regulatory Affairs Agrochemicals and Biorationals – Biostimulants, Fertilisers, IPM

Scientific Consulting Company (SCC)

James Maude

James Maude Follow


Acadian Plant Health

Laurence Gutiérrez Giulianotti

Laurence Gutiérrez Giulianotti Follow

Business Development Manager

Certis Belchim

Gilles Boreux

Gilles Boreux Follow



Daniel García-Seco

Daniel García-Seco Follow

R&D & Laboratory Director


Antonio Viso

Antonio Viso Follow

Senior R&D Specialist


Emily Stoutenborough

Emily Stoutenborough Follow

Corporate Communications Manager

Valent BioSciences LLC

Adam Woods

Adam Woods Follow

Industry Marketing Manager

BASF Crop Protection USA

Dmytro Yakovenko

Dmytro Yakovenko Follow

Head of International Sales

BTU Center llc company

Stig Are Gundersen

Stig Are Gundersen Follow

Technical Application Manager


Technical Application Manager, Specialty Agriculture at Borregaard LignoTech

Anne-Grethe Strømnes

Anne-Grethe Strømnes Follow

Section Manager Biopolymers R&D


Mariola Kopcinski, Ph.D.

Mariola Kopcinski, Ph.D. Follow

Global Agrochemical Business Manager


Paolo Fortunati

Paolo Fortunati Follow

Sales Manager Agrochemicals EMEA

Innospec Inc.

Elisa Coelho

Elisa Coelho Follow

Industrial Biotechnology Laboratory, R&D Researcher, Brazil


Monique Adamy

Monique Adamy Follow

R&D Laboratory Manager, Europe – Solvay Novecare Agricultural Specialties


Ling Qi

Ling Qi Follow

Novecare Agricultural Specialties R&D Scientist


Dr. Vishvesh Dalal

Dr. Vishvesh Dalal Follow

Assistant Director – Toxicology

JRF Global (Jai Research Foundation)

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