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2017 Latin America Focus

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2017 Latin America Focus

Language: English,Spanish

Publication Date:Jul. 25, 2017

Focus of this issue

  • Cover Story
  • Crop Focus
  • Market Insight
  • Interview
  • Feature


  • Inhance Technologies: Extending Its Barrier Technology to the Agrichemical Packaging Market in Latin America
    Inhance Technologies: Extendiendo la Barrera Tecnológica al Mercado de Embalaje Agrícola en Latinoamérica

Articles Index

  • Coffee Crops: Plantation, Solutions to Major Diseases&Pests and Challenges in Latin America
    Cultivos de Café: Plantación, Soluciones a las principales Enfermedades y Plagas y Desafíos en América Latina

  • Adoption of Biological Methods in Latin America for Crop Protection
    Adopción de Métodos de Control Biológicos para Protección de Cultivos en Latino América

  • China”s Pesticide Export Analysis - Latin American Market Up in 2016
    Análisis de las Exportaciones de Pesticida Chinos - Mercado Latinoamericano Aumentado en 2016

  • BASF: AgroStart Program Contributes to Accelerating the Growth in Agribusiness-focused Solutions in Latin America
    BASF: El Programa AgroStart Contribuye a Acelerar el Crecimiento de Soluciones enfocadas a la Agroindustria en América Latina

  • HELM Aims to Double Agri-input Sales in LATAM by 2020
    HELM Apunta a Duplicar las Ventas de Insumos Agrícolas en LATAM para el 2020

  • Mancozeb Works well, Indofil’s Foray into LATAM Gaining Traction
    Mancozeb Funciona Bien, la Incursión de Indofil en LATAM Ganando Tracción

  • Agrochemicals Distribution Moves Towards Diversification in Latin America
    La Distribución de Agroquímicos se Mueve Hacia la Diversificación en America Latina

  • Opportunities & Challenges for Bringing Fertilizers to Latin America: What Does It Take to Survive?
    Oportunidades & Desafíos para ofrecer Fertilizantes a Latinoamérica: Qué es importante para estar en Latinoamérica?

  • Biotechnology in Brazil
    La biotecnologia en Brasil

  • GLP 5-Batch Analysis: The Mirror of Your Technical Grade Product and the Backbone of Your Dossier
    Análisis GLP de 5 Lotes: El Espejo de su Producto de Grado Técnico y la Columna Vertebral de Su Informe

  • Haltermann Carless: Caromax® Solvents for EC and OD Formulations
    Haltermann Carless: Solventes Caromax® para Formulaciones de Concentrados Emulsionables y Dispersantes de Petróleo


Paul Zheng

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Chongqing Stanley Info-Tech

Paul Zheng, editor of Email:

Suwanie Wilathgamuwage

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Technical Services & Development Manager

Haltermann Carless UK Limited

Technical Services and Development Manager, Haltermann Carless

Grace Yuan

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Global Marketing Director

Chongqing Stanley Info-Tech

Grace Yuan, editor of AgroPages, Global Marketing Director. Email:; Wechat: nana...

Christina Xie

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Senior Editor

Chongqing Stanley Info-Tech

Chief editor of AgroPages. Email:

Erwin Xue

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Manager, Marketing Department

Chongqing Stanley Info-Tech

Project manager of AgroPages. Email:

Nadeem Ahmad Khan

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JRF Global (Jai Research Foundation)

Ph.D., Deputy Director (Chemistry), JRF Global

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